Corvallis Compound Pharmacy

Corvallis Compound Pharmacy

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At Corvallis Drug, we compound customized medications to meet the specific needs of pets, exotics, livestock, and even wildlife! We can prepare formulations containing the exact dose of active ingredient(s) which will be most effective for the patient. We provide dosage forms that can be conveniently administered, well tolerated, and appropriately flavored.

Like their owners, animals are individuals and have their own special needs. Our compounding staff can help overcome both common and unique difficulties when it comes to administering a petís medication. For instance, cats are notorious for eating around a pill hidden in their food. A tuna or chicken flavored liquid with the proper amount of medication can be blended into their food or placed directly into the mouth.

Corvallis Drug combines state-of-the-art equipment, specialized training, and years of experience to provide the best veterinary experience for our clients. We will work together to formulate creative compounds which can improve compliance and maximize the potential for therapeutic success, thereby reducing the overall cost of animal care.